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Business Analysis

Time: 24 hours




Prior Project Management Education or Business or People Management Experience is preferred.


Course overview:


This course is structured around a series of activities in which you gain practical modeling experience. In the context of a real-world case study, you apply best practices in business requirement gathering, documentation and stakeholder management to help you fulfill your crucial role as a business analyst.

Students can combine modules to get a combo discount. Each module cost separately.


Module 1: Business Analysis (ECBA / CBAP - Certification) 
Duration: 24 hours 


Course Content

Introduction to business analysis
• The rationale for business analysis
• The development of business analysis
• The scope of business analysis
• The responsibilities of a business analyst

Competencies of the business analyst
• The Business Analysis Maturity Model
• The competencies of a business analyst

Business strategy analysis
• The strategic context
• Strategic analysis techniques
• SWOT analysis
• Implementing strategy

The Business Analysis Process Model
• The life cycle for business analysis
• Creative problem-solving approach
• Stages of the process model