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Agile Kanban




Prior Project Management Education or Experience is Preferred.


Course overview:

This Kanban course is designed for any professional who is part of a product development or knowledge work environment and who is interested in discovering how Kanban can help improve working environments. Kanban works across multiple functions of an organization, from senior members of staff looking to adopt Lean Management to members of delivery teams willing to improve their working practices.​

Course Content

The course provides in-depth training in Kanban practices and the principles that underpin the Kanban method, including a fully immersive Kanban simulation.
The Kanban method is an evolutionary approach to change and change management by starting with what you already do; respecting current roles; responsibilities and job titles; encouraging acts of leadership at all levels, and agreeing to pursue incremental, evolutionary change that evolves business processes using a Kaizen approach that reduces the risks associated with complex change programmers.
During the course, you will have ample opportunities to discuss and experience the following topics:

  • Definition of Kanban

    • Foundational Principles

    • Core Practices

    • The Kanb