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Java Web Development



The "Java Web Development" course is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to develop robust web applications using Java Spring framework, Angular, and React. Throughout this course, students will dive into backend development with Java Spring, explore frontend development using Angular, and conclude with a deep dive into React for building interactive user interfaces.

Course Specifics:

Week 1: Introduction to Java Spring

  • Overview of Java Spring Framework

  • Setting up a development environment (IDE, JDK, Spring Boot)

  • Dependency Injection and IoC (Inversion of Control)

Week 2: Spring MVC

  • Understanding Model-View-Controller Architecture in Spring

  • Creating controllers and handling requests

  • Working with views and templates

Week 3: Data Access with Spring

  • JDBC Template and ORM with Spring Data JPA

  • Configuring databases and performing CRUD operations

  • Transactions and error handling

Week 4: Spring Security and RESTful APIs

  • Implementing security features with Spring Security

  • Creating RESTful APIs using Spring

  • Authentication and authorization

Week 5: Introduction to Angular

  • Basics of Angular framework

  • Setting up the Angular development environment

  • Components, Modules, and Templates

Week 6: Advanced Angular Concepts

  • Services and Dependency Injection

  • Routing and Navigation

  • Forms and form validation

Week 7: Interacting with Backend and Deployment

  • Making HTTP requests and handling responses

  • Integration of Angular frontend with Java Spring backend

  • Deploying Angular applications

Week 8: Getting Started with React

  • Introduction to React framework.

  • Components and JSX

  • State and Props

Week 9: Advanced React Concepts

  • Handling events and forms in React.

  • React Router for navigation.

  • State management with Context API or Redux

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