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SQL - Database Programmer



Student should have basic understanding of Computer System.


Course overview:


SQL Database Programmer training will help to create new career growth opportunities for job seekers. Students will learn how to store, read, update, delete and manage database.


Course Content:


  • Relational Databases and SQL: An Overview

  • Introducing SQL

  • Retrieving Data with SQL: First Steps

  • Using WHERE to Filter Results

  • Joining: Getting Results from Multiple Tables

  • Using Standard SQL Functions

  • Working with Dates

  • Grouping and Summarizing Results

  • Inserting, Updating and Deleting Data

  • Defining tables

  • Safeguarding data with constraints

  • Leveraging Server Programmability

  • Administering SQL Server Databases

  • Scheduling repeating jobs

  • Monitoring SQL Server resources

  • Integrating External Applications

  • Introduction No-SQL

  • Comparison Oracle vs MS SQL Server


Project Management - Introduction


  • Agile Scrum Project


Theory topics are complemented by hands-on LAB



Theory, Labs, and Reference Materials