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Web Service Testing



This course will teach students Web Services concept and how to test Web Services using open source tools like SOAPUI and POSTMAN

Course Specifics:

The Emergence of Microservices Architecture

  • Web services overview

  • REST vs SOAP Overview

  • Web Services use cases

  • Explore the ideal software development practice.

  • Learn how fine-grained Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) can help to achieve the ideal

  • Learn how Microservice attempts to achieve the ideal

  • SOA benefits


Microservice Design Principles

  • Designing small microservices

  • Designing independent microservices

  • Designing resilient microservices 


Integrating Microservices

  • Understand design goals when integrating microservices.

  • Explore effective message form at sand lightweight inter-service communication approaches

  • Review the pros and cons of various service communication patterns. 


Microservice Technologies

  • Enable the development, deployment, and support of microservices using popular technologies. 

Decomposing the Monolith

  • Using monolithic decomposition as an approach toward application modernization

  • Review successful decomposition patterns.

  • Decompose monolithic application using helpful practices.


Deploying and Maintaining Microservices

  • Explore the intersection of DevOps and microservices.

  • Leverage virtual, cloud, and containerized environments for microservice deployment.

  • Discover how to monitor a microservices environment and take appropriate action to enable scaling or react to system faults.

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