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Refund / Cancellation Policy

IT Expert System Inc.’s cancellation and refund policy has been constructed to balance students’ occasional need to change their education plans with the institution’s financial investment in reserving a seat for that student in a classroom.


Students should be aware that timely notice of cancellation or withdrawal is essential to securing the maximum refund. Students must take care of notifying the institution as soon as possible regarding their intention either to cancel their enrollment contract or withdraw from the institution.

Cancellation Policy


  • Rejection of Applicant: If an applicant is rejected for enrollment by an institution, a full refund of all monies paid to the applicant.

  • Program Cancellation: If an institution cancels a program after a student’s enrollment, the institution refunds all monies paid by the student.

  • Cancellation Prior to the Start of Class or No Show: If an applicant accepted by the institution cancels prior to the start of scheduled classes or never attends class (no-show), the institution refunds all monies paid.

  • Cancellation After the Start of Class (Optional Student Trial Period): At IT Expert System we consider a withdrawal as a cancellation or no-show (for example, within the first week of the program) provided this process is fully delineated in writing as part of the refund policy and provided to all students at or before enrollment. A student who is considered a cancellation or no-show under such a policy has all charges refunded and all payments returned to the individual or the applicable funding source.

Withdrawal or Termination after the Start of Class and after the Cancellation Period

  • Refund amounts are based on a student’s last date of attendance (LDA). When determining the number of weeks completed by the student, we consider a partial week the same as if a whole week were completed, provided the student was present at least one day during the scheduled week.

  • During the first week of classes, tuition charges withheld do not exceed 10 percent (10%) of the stated tuition up to a maximum of $1,000.

  • After the first week and through fifty percent (50%) of the period of financial obligation, tuition charges retained do not exceed a pro rata portion of tuition for the training period completed, plus ten percent (10%) of the unearned tuition for the period of training that was not completed, up to a maximum of $1,000. (See example.).

  • After fifty percent (50%) of the period of financial obligation is completed by the student, the institution retains the full tuition for that period.

  • When calculating a refund, the percentage of tuition retained by the institution is based on the portion of the program the student was attending through his or her last date of attendance when the student dropped, not the tuition charged for the entire program listed on the enrollment agreement.

Refund Due Dates:

  • If an applicant never attends class (no-show) or cancels the contract prior to the class start date, all refunds due must be made within forty-five (45) calendar days of the first scheduled day of class or the date of cancellation, whichever is earlier.

  • For an enrolled student, the refund due must be calculated using the last date of attendance (LDA) and be paid within forty-five (45) calendar days from the documented date of determination (DOD). The date of determination is the date the student gives written or verbal notice of withdrawal to the institution or the date the institution terminates the student, by applying the institution’s attendance, conduct, or Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. If a student provides advanced notice of withdrawal such that the 45-day window refund processing ends before the last date of attendance, the refund must be paid within forty-five (45) calendar days from the last date of attendance.

Refund Computation Example

  • The student enrolled in a 24-week program, starting on January 9th and scheduled to be completed on June 23rd.

  • The total tuition is $8,000.

  • The last date of attendance (LDA) for the student is March 3rd.

  • The date of determination is March 8th.

Number of weeks student attended /Number of weeks financially obligated = 8 Weeks /24 𝑊𝑒𝑒𝑘𝑠 = 33.3%

  • Pro rata portion completed based on 8 weeks = 33.3%

  • 33.3% of $8,000 tuition = $2,667 (earned tuition)

  • 10% of unearned tuition ($8000-$2,667 = $5,333 unearned) = $ 533.3

  • Owed to institution = $3,200

  • Student payment = $8,000

  • Refunded to student by April 22nd = $4,800

Charges Other Than Tuition:

All extra costs, such as books, supplies, equipment, certification, and any similar charges not included in the tuition price, are clearly stated in the enrollment agreement. Charges that are non-refundable are those materials that are distributed and attributable to the portion of the program attended by the student.


  • Cancellation: A student who never attends classes at the institution after enrolling and informs the institution, except as noted in the section entitled “Cancellation After the Start of Class (Optional Student Trial Period).”

  • Cancellation Period: From enrollment to before the first instruction class start date.

  • No Show: A student who never attends class at the institution after enrolling and does not inform the institution. Note that the ACCET policy treats no-shows as identical to cancellations.

  • Withdrawal: A student who attends at least one class at the institution but does not complete his/her program.

  • Termination: A type of withdrawal initiated by the institution due to failure to meet one or more institutional policies.

  • Period of Financial Obligation: The portion of the program for which the student is legally obligated to pay, which may be less than the full program and may not, under any circumstances, exceed a period of 12 months.

  • Last Date of Attendance (LDA): The final date the student attends class.

  • Date of Determination (DOD): The date the student notifies the school of his or her withdrawal, or the date the institution terminates or administratively withdraws the student.


Note: Our goal is to ensure the students are trained and are competitive in the job market.

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