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Snowflake Data Cloud Architecture

Course Schedule: ~32 hours




  • Snowflake is a Cloud-based Data-Warehousing platform that offers advanced solutions for Organizational Data Storage, Processing and Analytical Needs

  • Snowflake is the Trending Platform used by thousands of Companies globally

  • Snowflake Enables Most Critical Data Workloads in large Corporations

  1. Introduction to Cloud

  2. Data Warehousing Concepts

  3. Introduction to Snowflake

  4. Connecting to Snowflake

  5. Loading / Unloading Data into/from Snowflake

  6. Using Snowflake

  7. Snowflake Continuous Data Pipelines

  8. Sharing Data in Snowflake

  9. Managing Your Snowflake Account

10. Understanding Snowflake Data Transfer Billing

11. Managing Security in Snowflake

12. Performance Tuning

13. Real Time Scenarios, Real Time Interview Questions & FAQs

  • Quizzes and Certification Exam practices for Snowpro Core Certifications 

  • Hands-on Labs

  • Project work