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Application Product Support Engineering (ASE)

Time:  32 Hours




Basic computer experience.


Course overview:


This course is designed to teach the Application Product Support Engineering Project in a hands-on manner and prepare the participants for a career in this field. The course will provide instruction and hands-on training for the students to feel confident and begin working in the industry as an Application Product Support Engineering Project.


Course Content:



  • System Administration Overview

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Booting and Shutting Down Linux

  • Managing Software and Devices

  • Managing Users and Groups

  • The Linux File System

  • Using NFS to access Remote File Systems.



  • Introducing SQL

  • Retrieving Data with SQL

  • WHERE to filter

  • Relational Database and SQL

  • Grouping and Summarizing Results

  • Using standard SQL functions

  • Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data


  • Includes a plan for how to develop, alter, and maintain a software system.

  • 7 Phases of SDLC

  • Planning

  • System Analysis & Requirements

  • System Design

  • Development

  • Integration & Testing

  • Implementation

  • Operations & Maintenance

Shell Scripting

  • Comparing Popular Shells

  • Kom Shell Compatibility for Bash

  • Kom and Bash Shell Advantages/Disadvantages

  • Shell Programming Language

  • String Manipulation

  • Command Line Processing

  • Functions

  • Command Functions


CI/CD DevOps

  • Two Pillars of Successful DevOps


Ticketing Tools

  • Ticketing system for Training for IT Support

  • Service-Now Ticketing System

Reporting Tools – Informatica, Tableau

  • Business Intelligence and it’s important concepts

  • Various BI Tools and how they can be used together for a great effect

  • Decision- Making Process in an enterprise and steps involved

  • Setting up and installation of various BI tools

  • Implementing Data aggregation and data blending

  • Tableau

Job Scheduling Tools – Autosys, Cron


Who should go for this course?

This course is designed for individuals who have some basic computer experience and wish to prepare as an Application Product Support Engineering. The related experience might include familiarity with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and using the Internet browsers.


Special notes: 


  • Exam simulation + Quizzes will be provided

  • Support for Resume preparation

  • Support for Mock Interview

  • Support for Job Placement

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