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Cyber Security Certification

Time: 24 hours




Basic computer skill is required.


Course overview:


The Cyber Security Fundamentals course will provide learners with principles of data and technology that frame and define Cyber Security. Learners will gain insight into the importance of Cyber Security and the integral role of Cyber Security professionals. The interactive, self-guided format will provide a dynamic learning experience where users can explore foundational Cyber Security principles, security architecture, risk management, attacks, incidents, and emerging IT and IS technologies.


Course Content


  • Explain the core information assurance (IA) principles

  • Identify the key components of cybersecurity

       network architecture

  • Apply cybersecurity architecture principles

  • Describe risk management processes and practices

  • Identify security tools and hardening techniques

  • Distinguish system and application security threats

       and vulnerabilities

  • Describe different classes of attacks

  • Define types of incidents including categories,

       responses and timelines for response

  • Describe new and emerging IT and IS technologies

  • Analyze threats and risks within context of the

       cybersecurity architecture

  • Appraise cybersecurity incidents to apply appropriate


  • Evaluate decision making outcomes of cybersecurity


  • Access additional external resources to supplement

       knowledge of Cyber Security


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