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Internet of Things (IOT)

Duration: ~32 hours 




A student will have a better understanding with Raspberry PI, Python programming, Sensors, Web Services, Cloud Architecture and IOT architecture.


Course Specifics:


  • Circuit board overview

  • GPIO board overview

  • Raspberry PI overview

  • Sensor programming

  • Python programming

  • Web Services (SOAP and REST)

  • Assets Model 

  • Data Analysis and Visualization 

  • Data Ingestion and processing pipeline 

  • Coding with Sensors [Distance, Humidity, Light sensors, Camera sensors etc] 

  • IOT connection with cloud

  • Alert or Notification Rules



  • PowerPoint

  • Case Study 

  • E2E IOT Architecture hands-on labs

  • Google / AWS cloud

  • Raspberry PI

  • Sensors

  • GPIO board


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