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Certified Scrum Product Owner



Prior Business Analysis, Project Management education or experience is preferred.


Course overview:


This course will teach how to create great products by communicating the product vision, managing the product backlog, and representing the customer as a Scrum Product Owner.


Course Content


The Scrum Product Owner's role is pivotal to confirming delivery of value “early and often” to the customer, and continuous improvement in an organization’s application of Agile methods. The course will teach how to leverage Scrum Framework and Product Backlog to develop value-driven software.


  • Scrum Flow

    • Learn the basic rules, roles and activities of Scrum

    • What is Scrum and how many details do you need to know?

    • Who are the players, and how do they interact?

    • What are the critical meetings for the Product Owner?

    • How should you manage your time with the team in relation to all other tasks you need to do?​

  • Agile Product Owner Role

    • Understand the keys to being great at your job.

    • What are your responsibilities to the team, and which are most important?

    • What responsibilities are most important to your management?

    • How do you best represent the customer to your team?

    • What happens if the team wants to implement something not on your plan?

  • The Product Backlog (Creation and Management)

    • Organize and prioritize all your team's work.

    • How do you communicate to your team what needs to be done?

    • What are the processes to use for prioritizing the work?

    • How do you make sure that everything required gets done?

    •  What are the processes to use for prioritizing the work?

    • What is the best way to handle non-functional requirements?

    • Product issues and bugs?

    • Emergencies?

  • Writing Stories

    • Translate requirements to the development team.

    • What is a user story?

    • What are the benefits of following the