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Youth Computer Programming

Our goal is to teach Students from 3rd through 12th - Computer programming with Animation, Robotics, and Application programming. Computers are everywhere, and knowing computer skills would give youth an extra edge when they enter college.

All levels include Robotics - Programming 

Youth Summer Coding bootcamp:


  • What: Students will work in a group with their mentor for a specific project. Project subject will be assigned based on students interests, education and prior experience.

  • Why: Youth will learn how to control devices using programming language. Leveraging summer for fun + learning activities. 

  • Duration: 22 hours

  • When: Jun to August

  • Days/Time:  Weekdays/Weekends - Noon/Evening timings

  • Languages they work with: Python, Java, Swift

  • Tools: Eclipse, Raspberry PI, Filezilla, Putty, Android Studio 

  • Ages: varies per program 

  • Location: 951 N Plum Grove Rd, Suite B, Schaumburg IL 60173

  • Certificate: Upon successful project completion students will be rewarded with the certificate.

  • Resource required:

    • Student should bring a laptop

    • Mentor will provide all project resources

  • More Info: Call us at 847 350 9034 



**These programs are not accredited by the ACCET accrediting body.

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